Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Tresemmé Volume & Softness Hair Maximizer

I tried this product in conjunction with the pre-wash conditioner and volume shampoo. It was the final step in the volume system. I used this product on my towel dried but still damp hair before combing through it.

The product has a nice consistency. It is not so runny that you can't apply it nor is it too thick to spread. The product absorbs easily into the hair and leaves the hair with a wonderful fresh, clean scent.

I found that this product really helped my pick comb glide through my wet hair. I usually struggle with getting my comb through my hair due to tangles but this product minimized that issue. My hair also felt light and airy with use of this product as well as the pre-wash conditioner and shampoo.

This product left my hair feeling soft both while my hair was wet and when it dried. I did have extra volume in my hair but it wasn't so noticeable that my normally frizzy hair got huge volume. It was a nice controllable and manageable volume.  I would continue to use this product for the softness it brought to my hair.

I received free full size products from Glam Sense to facilitate this review.

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