Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Dove Nutritive Solutions Coconut & Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner

I enjoyed using this shampoo. It has a lovely citrus fragrance that lingers in my hair throughout the day. The scent is suppose to be coconut water and sweet lime. I don't really smell any of the coconut scent as the lime overpowers it. 

The shampoo has the perfect consistency to it and lathers really well in the hair. I feel like I get a better clean when a shampoo lathers well like this one. It does rinse easily and cleanly from the hair.

I do have frizzy hair but found that this shampoo (when used with the conditioner as well) helped to control the frizz. Being a hydrating shampoo, this product did not weigh my hair down like some other shampoos can. Instead my hair was soft, smooth and manageable. Some hydrating shampoos can leave my roots feeling oily but this Dove shampoo did not do that at all. I was impressed!

Overall, this is a shampoo I would recommend to others to try and would continue to use myself. I've been a fan of Dove products for a long time and this shampoo lives up to my expectations of Dove.

This conditioner has a lovely scent. I can smell both citrus and coconut notes. I'm a big fan of coconut anything and having it as a scent in my hair product is a bonus! The scent lingered throughout the day in my hair long after it dried.

I found the consistency of the conditioner to be a little bit thinner than other conditioners I've used. However, this did not affect its effectiveness. It spread easily on my hair and rinsed off well. 

This conditioner (when used with the shampoo) left my hair soft, smooth and manageable. My hair did not feel weighed down at all which can happen with some hydrating conditioners. My frizzy hair was also less frizzy which was a nice surprise.

This is a conditioner I would recommend to others to try and would continue to use myself.

I received these product free of charge from Chickadvisor for review purposes.