Monday, June 27, 2016

Covergirl Smoochies

I purchased 3 of these Covergirl Smoochies lip glosses from Health Snap during a 70% off sale so I got them for under $2 each.  I've always wanted to try Smoochies and when the price was right, I went for it!

Left to Right: #luv bug, #luv u, #sweet tweet

 Left to Right: #luv bug, #luv u, #sweet tweet

They vary in their pigmentation with #luv bug and #luv u being moderately pigmented.  You will definitely see these two colours on your lips.

#sweet tweet is nothing more than a clear gloss with a hint of pink.  I find this colour makes for a glossy base for other colours such as lipsticks.

 Top to Bottom:  #luv bug, #luv u, #sweet tweet

#luv bug is a brownish, mauve colour with shimmer
#luv u is a medium berry pink shade
#sweet tweet is a very sheer pink

Left to Right: #luv bug, #luv u, #sweet tweet

Since I don't like bold colours, these shades are perfect for me. They do add colour to my lips and feel nice on.  They glide easily on and last a few hours on my lips if I'm not eating or drinking.  I would describe them as a glorified lip balm.  

Overall, I'm pleased with my purchase and really enjoy wearing Covergirl Smoochies.  I would recommend them to others to try and would repurchase in the future.  In fact, I have a back up #luv bug because I love the colour so much!

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