Thursday, February 18, 2016

Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation & Dream Blender

Maybelline has a couple of new products on the market: the dream velvet foundation and a dream blender.  Thanks to ChickAdvisor, I was able to test both of these products.

I tested the Maybelline New York Dream Velvet Foundation in the shade Ivory.  I am usually an Ivory in other foundation brands so selected this shade.  When I swatched it on my hand, it was very orange looking.  It did blend out to look less orange on my face but it was still a tad darker than I would like.  The shade is still wearable but if I were to purchase it in the future, I would get a shade lighter.

Swatch in the shade Ivory (#15)

This foundation is thick and mousse like in texture.  It does spread evenly on the skin but you may have to work quicker as it tends to dry quicker than liquid foundations.  After applying this foundation, my skin felt so soft and actually velvety.  I was really impressed by this quality.  The foundation also feels lightweight so much so that it doesn't feel like you're wearing foundation.  I found the coverage to be about medium.  I have acne scars which it blurred but didn't completely hide.

I have combination skin right now with dry, normal and oily patches.  I found that this foundation got a bit patchy in the oily areas on my face.  This foundation is suppose to have a soft-matte effect but I didn't really find it mattifying.  In fact, the first day I wore this foundation my sister commented on how nice my skin looked and how it had a dewy effect.  It may not have been matte for me but it certainly kept my skin hydrated.  

Overall, I would probably buy this foundation in the future if there was a great sale on it and I could find it in a shade lighter.

I have used cosmetic sponges in the past but nothing like the Maybelline New York Dream Blender.  It is basically a tear drop shaped sponge on a stick.  I found the sponge to be soft and dense.  I used this blender dry as I wanted a fuller coverage with my foundation.  This blender was a bit awkward to use but it did actually do a good job of blending and spreading my foundation.                                                    

I would have preferred if there wasn't a handle on this sponge as for me this would make it easier to use.  I also would have liked the sponge to be a bit bigger so I could cover more surface area. I did like the tear drop shape as it contoured to the curves of my face and I could get in to hard to reach areas like around my nose.

I did wash this sponge and found that I couldn't get it as clean as I would have liked to.  I found myself worrying that if I scrubbed too hard that it would pop right off the handle.  

Overall, this is a unique tool to keep your hands clean while applying foundation and it does a decent job of evenly spreading foundation without any streaks. Would I purchase it?  Probably not as I think there are others tools that are easier to use.

I received these products free of charge from ChickAdvisor for review purposes.

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