Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Gillette Venus Violet Swirl Shave Gel Review

This shave gel is in the violet swirl scent which I found to be a light and delicate floral scent. It isn't strong or overpowering just soft and delicate in its scent. 

The shave gel comes out of the can as a purple gel and then turns into a white foam when it is rubbed in. It is thick and creamy and covers the area to be shaved well. 

This shave gel boosts to be very moisturizing which I did find it to be. My legs were perfectly moisturized and I didn't feel the need to apply a body lotion to my legs after shaving. I would definitely recommend trying this shave gel for its scent and moisturizing abilities.

I received the shave gel free of charge from BzzAgent for testing purposes.

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