Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Gillette Venus Swirl Razor Review

The first thing I noticed about this razor was the unique silver ball pivot head on the razor. This flexball as it is called helped to easily navigate around the contours of my legs such as my ankles that can be tricky to do. The razor effortlessly shaved the hair around these delicate areas with no missed patches. 

The handle of this razor is partially rubberized which really helps to keep it in your hand if shaving in the shower. 

The razor has 5 blades which helps to get every last hair. I had about 1 cm of hair growth on my legs and the razor easily cut through this hair. My legs were left feeling silky smooth. I was impressed! The razor did not pull or tug on my skin. It just glided so nicely over my legs. The razor does have a water activated MoistureGlide serum bar on the razor which helps the razor glide smoothly. 

The razor also boosts a MicroFine comb to guide hair to the blades which captures virtually ever hair. I didn't notice any missed hairs on my legs so this feature was definitely helping. Overall, I was very pleased with this razor and will continue to use it and recommend it to others without hesitation.

I received the razor free of charge from BzzAgent for testing purposes.

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