Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Essie Nail Polish Find at Dollarama

I found this nail polish at Dollarama for $3.  It was a bargain as Essie normally retails for about $10 per bottle.  The bottle has no name on it so I'm not sure what the colour is called but it is a deep reddish, plum colour.

The polish covered nicely in two coats. I probably could have gotten away with one coat but wanted a second coat for extra durability.


I did some digging on the internet and discovered that this nail colour is actually a magnetic polish called SSSSSexy.  The white cap on the bottle was shorter than the other Essie polishes I have so it would seem that something was to go over the cap.  Sure enough there was suppose to be a square cap with a magnet on the end that went on but was missing.  A lot of the polishes at Dollarama had no name on them and I wonder if they too were part of this magnetic collection.

Anyway, I saw a Youtube video where you can put a magnet right up to the side of the bottle to see what design would come about.  I experimented with the magnets on the fridge and those that were weaker yielded a pattern but those that were very strong yielded no pattern.  I found a magnet that made horizontal lines and below is the sample nail I tried this pattern on:

I'm so excited to discover the polish I purchased is actually a magnetic polish and look forward to experimenting with different magnet patterns!

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