Friday, May 30, 2014

Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure

I received a couple sets of press on nails to review from Influenster.  They are made by Broadway nails and come in a neat nail polish like bottle.
L to R: Hottie, Working Girl

The nails come in 12 sizes to fit your nails and each package contains 24 nails.  The package also comes with an alcohol wipe to clean the surface of your natural nail.  After swiping my nails with the wipe, I sized up all my nail beds to these nails and laid them out from thumb to baby finger.  I then peeled the sticky adhesive off the back and pressed down firmly on my nail.  I should have peeled off the adhesives from all the nails prior to applying them as it would have been so much easier.  Anyway, the process was quick and painless.

I was really impressed with how my nails turned out! They looked real just like they were my own nails.  The false nails were longer than my real nails which made it awkward to do everyday tasks.  The nails were also suppose to last 1 week but one of my nails popped off the first day when I was trying to pry an object apart.  Overall, I found these nails impractical for everyday use but would definitely wear them for a special occasion.

I received free product from Influenster to facilitate this review.

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