Friday, January 27, 2017

John Frieda Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Collection


The Claims
  • Instantly restores hair and prevents the appearance of future damage
  • Formulated with anti-damage technology, this shampoo gently cleanses and restores hair while fortifying the fibres with the support distressed hair needs to resist future damage
  • After just 1 use, hair is visibly healthy, strengthened and nourished
My Thoughts
   This shampoo has a nice consistency. It lathers well in the hair and rinses off completely.  It has a light fragrance maybe a bit like a floral perfume.  After just one use of the shampoo I found that it didn't live up to its claims.  My hair actually felt drier than usual and thus frizzier.  My hair was also dull and lacking shine.

After having used the shampoo for a week, I have a better opinion of this product.  My hair was less dry compared to the first use and softer.  I also experienced less breakage of my hair.


The Claims
  • Instantly restores and prevents the appearance of future damage
  • Formulated with targeted anti-damage technology, this conditioner provides superior conditioning and instantly restores while fortifying the hair to prevent the appearance of future damage
  • Hair is visibly healthy and strengthened after just 1 use
My Thoughts
   This conditioner has a really nice consistency.  It has a stronger fragrance than the shampoo but is not overpowering.  It is somewhat thicker than the previous brand I was using.  It spreads easily on the hair and my hair felt soft while it was on.  It rinses well from the hair.  

After one use I did not find I had visibly healthy and strengthened hair.  My hair actually felt and looked worse compared to the brand I stopped using to test this John Frieda collection.  My hair was dry, frizzy and lacking luster.   

After using the conditioner for one week, my hair is in better shape than it was after day one.  My hair is not as dry and is soft to the touch.  The frizz is also better controlled.  So, I guess the key is consistent use.

Deep Conditioner

The Claims
  • Returns seriously distressed hair to a healthy state
  • Intensely repairs and fortifies and resists future damage for 80% less breakage
  • This weekly treatment rescues hair leaving it touchable smooth and nourished in just 1 use
My Thoughts
   This deep conditioner is thick and creamy and spreads easily on the hair.  It has the same fragrance as the conditioner.  When I put the conditioner on my wet hair, I was able to run my fingers through my below shoulder length hair.  My hair was soft and less tangled than usual.  

After towel drying my hair, I used my usual pick comb to comb through my hair.  My hair was much less tangled than usual and the comb went through my hair relatively easily.  After combing my wet hair, I usually have a number of loose hairs on my comb. This time I only had about one hair!  Amazing!

I must say this conditioner lives up to its claim of leaving hair touchably smooth and nourished after one use.  I would also say I had less breakage using this deep conditioner too.  Although this is a weekly treatment, I would be tempted to use it every day.

Overall, I loved this deep conditioner.  The product comes in a tub with a screw off top.  I would find this product easier to use in the shower if it came in a tube format like the shampoo and conditioner. Nonetheless, it is the product inside that counts and it works regardless of the packaging.

Final Thoughts
 While I didn't love the shampoo and conditioner, I did end up liking it better after one week of use.  I probably wouldn't purchase these products as I feel there are better products for my hair that are half the price.

As for the deep conditioner, I loved it!  I loved how soft and silky my hair felt.  This is a product I would continue to use for sure.

I received these products free of charge for testing purposes courtesy of Glam Sense.


  1. I would try it for how much less breakage it has. I always leave a ton of hair in my brush. My hair is really fine though. Do you think it would weigh it down?

    1. Thanks for your comment! I have thicker hair and didn't find that it weighed my hair down. Some products to control frizz can really do that but I didn't find that with this collection.
      As for the less breakage, I was really impressed by this. I too leave a lot of hair in my brush sometimes, but these products really seemed to reduce breakage.